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What are the benefits of having diesel generators for business?

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For businesses that primarily rely on electricity for production or other basic business functions, having a backup power source is a top priority.

Let's be honest: almost all businesses these days rely heavily on electricity to get through their day-to-day work. If it's not related to productivity, then it's for comfort; either way, having electricity has become essential for businesses.

So, with that said, what are the benefits of having a backup? More specifically, what are the benefits of having a diesel generator?

Diesel generators explained

Diesel generators offer a fuel-efficient backup for when there are power cuts or routine maintenance. In comparison to petrol generators, diesel burns at a 50% slower rate, meaning the generator will provide power for longer.

Having backup power primarily allows businesses to continue production as usual without disruptions.

Diesel generators are machines that produce energy by burning diesel. They're a combination of an electric generator and a diesel engine which convert the chemical energy in diesel to mechanical energy as it operates.

This, in turn, creates electricity, which can power appliances like computers or tools depending on the capacity output of the generator.

These days, you can get huge diesel generators that can power whole supermarkets. Among the largest diesel generators is a 2500kVA.

Why use a diesel generator?

The reason many business owners go for a diesel generator is because of how cost-effective they are. Now, don't replace cost-effective with cheap.

Generators can be relatively costly to run. But in comparison to a petrol generator, the diesel one is more cost-effective.

This is because of the rate at which petrol and diesel burn. Petrol burns at a much faster rate and even evaporates over time.

While diesel also evaporates to a degree, it takes up to 50% longer to burn. This gives it the ability to burn for longer and provide more energy. That's why business owners go for diesel generators over petrol.

What are the benefits of having a diesel generator for your business?

While investing in a generator for your business can be pretty expensive at first, you need to weigh up the losses you'd have if power had to cut while you have no backup.

If the ends justify the means, then getting a diesel generator is a good investment. Here are some other benefits of a diesel generator we'd suggest you consider while making your decision:

Less disruption

These days businesses all over the world rely on energy to operate. Whether you're a restaurant or a sawmill, electricity is a business asset that few can do without.

For these businesses, when the power goes out it can have significant effects on their production as a whole. This disruption results in work taking longer and that business possibly losing income because of it.

Diesel generators would be the solution to that problem. Diesel generators can be installed and set to turn on automatically when the power goes out.

This will ensure that your production doesn't stop, allowing you to avoid any unnecessary losses in the process.

Keep customers and staff comfortable

When the power goes out, systems and appliances that are often used around the office to make things more convenient stop working.

For instance, on our days, working in an office can be terrible if there's no cooling system. The same goes for customers.

Keeping customers comfortable when they come to your business is important. Having a generator will give you the power you need to maintain a comfortable, efficient work environment for your staff and customers.


Although the initial cost of a diesel generator might be higher than other types, the maintenance costs are generally lower over the lifespan of the generator.

Diesel engines have fewer parts that can break down (like spark plugs or carburettors), which reduces the potential for breakdowns and costly repairs.


Diesel engines are built to last and are capable of handling heavy loads over extended periods. In most cases, diesel engines are less prone to damage than petrol engines, allowing them to be used for longer and making them a better investment for your business.


Diesel engines are typically more powerful than petrol engines.

In regards to generators, while you can purchase generators that release the same electricity output, diesel generators tend to handle larger energy outputs better because their engines cope with higher demands better.

Final thoughts

For business owners who rely on electricity as a central part of their business operations, purchasing a diesel generator would be an investment that would pay itself off tenfold.

Consider the demands of your business, how much power you use and need, and use that information to choose the perfect diesel generator to keep your company going.