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Boost curb appeal: How to choose the right house number display

Picture by Peninsula House Numbers
Picture by Peninsula House Numbers

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The street appeal of your home is not just about making a first impression.

It is a reflection of your pride in your home and the character your property gives. Whether you are preparing your home for sale, completing a renovation project or simply wanting to make your home stand out, there are a few ways you can enhance its street appeal.

The first thing that will come to mind is landscaping. Selecting the right plants, and keeping them maintained helps create a welcoming entry. As does the right architectural features, property colours and materials.

One thing at is often overlooked, but can have a big impact on the look and feel of your property, is the house number display.

The display can often add character, or be an extension of the overall property design. While you can just grab a number at the local hardware shop, it pays to stop, look and plan.

The right selection can add significantly to your property's street appeal.

Here are three ways you can choose the right house number, according to Melbourne-based business Peninsula House Numbers.

Picture by Peninsula House Numbers
Picture by Peninsula House Numbers

1 - Choose the right size house number

The initial step is vital - picking the right size for your house number.

If you are attaching it to a mailbox, a compact 10cm high number might be ideal. However, if you plan to mount it to a wall that is set back from the street, a larger 40cm number may be more fitting.

Start by measuring your space and estimating the height of the number needed. For a clearer picture, print a number of the same size, cut it out and tape it to the planned area.

Step back. Is it visible from the street? Does it 'feel' like the right fit? If it's not, consider a larger size.

2 - Decide on what finish you want the number to have 

While you don't get to pick the number of your address, you do get to select how to display that number and ensure it matches your home's aesthetics.

Be sure to think about the colour and finish. Do you want matte black, or is white better? Or do you want more traditional colours for a heritage property such as gold?

It is ideal to look for options that offer robust powder coating. This means it is protected against corrosion, even in coastal areas.

To make the number stand out, opt for a colour that contrasts with the surface it is mounted on. White works well on a dark surface, for example.

Picture by Peninsula House Numbers
Picture by Peninsula House Numbers

3 - Choose your font

Everyone has an opinion on fonts. This selection will depend on your personal taste.

Businesses such as Peninsula House Numbers offer several font options including types with mid-century modern appeal with the Elwood font, of classic charm of Uppsala, or the popular Beaumaris.

Thin fonts aren't as visible from further distances. It is important that if your numbers are set back from the road to consider a thicker font to ensure it stands out.

Get planning

If you haven't taken a look at your house number display for sometime, or are looking for the right solutions, get outside take a look at your home from the street.

By taking a look, playing around with sizing and placement you can embark on a path to strengthen the street appeal of your home, while ensuring that the postie or courier never messes up your deliveries being unable to see the number.

The beauty of a home is often in the details.