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Get those summer barbies sizzling with Beak & Sons and Fat Yak

Beak & Sons Godfather sausages infused with the flavour of Fat Yak Pale Ale are perfect for this summer's barbies. Picture supplied.

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There are many sublime food and drink matches in this world, but on a warm summer's day some excellent sausages barbecued just right, washed down with an icy cold beer, is up there with the best.

This year, two local companies - a master butchery and celebrated craft beer brand - are taking this made-in-heaven friendship one step further, joining forces to put some extra tasty sizzle in barbecues around the country.

Family-owned Beak & Sons, makers of delicious slow-cooked meats, traditionally-made sausages and burgers, and the premium brewer Fat Yak have collaborated to create the ultimate summer barbie experience.

They've unveiled the Limited Release Beak & Sons Fat Yak Godfather Snags, and also Beak & Sons Fat Yak Beef Sliders, aimed at showcasing the high quality of both the brands.

Infused with the flavours of Fat Yak Pale Ale, with seasonings to marry perfectly with the crisp bitterness of the beer, the products are the result of many months of development by lead chef on the project, Daniel Han.

"I'm a beer lover myself and so this was a really fun project to be involved in," Daniel said. "Fat Yak is a very hop-driven beer, with fruity and herbaceous aromas. I'd already smelled it and tasted it, and knew it would be a good match for our signature Godfather sausages, a blend of beef and pork, pepperoni, chilli and cheese.

"So then it was just a case of adjusting the balance of flavours, and enriching it with the flavours of the ale. We came up with a winner that could sit alongside and complement the beer but not overpower it."

Daniel said part of the culinary experience was the slight aroma of beer released as the sausages and sliders sizzle on the barbie.

"When you throw it on the barbecue you smell a little of the beer, you can smell that fruitiness, it's really a unique product in that sense," he said.

Also a big fan of cooking on the barbecue to really bring out the meaty, smoky flavours of sausages and burgers, Daniel had some simple tips for the perfect result.

First make sure you take the meat out of the fridge about 20 minutes ahead of cooking, and then check that the grill is searing hot before you throw it on.

"If you put your sausages or burgers on and you don't get that instant sizzle it means the grill isn't hot enough," Daniel says.

"If it's not hot enough you'll end up boiling the meat - I'm sure everyone has had burgers and sausages that just look grey and unappetising. You really want to get that golden brown, that delicious flavourful exterior.

Two iconic and delicious Australian products have joined forces to add some extra sizzle to this summer's barbecues. Picture supplied.

"For the best results use the open grill side of the barbecue, the open flame, so the natural fat will drop onto the flame and it combusts and licks a little bit of the sausage or patty."

Importantly, resist the urge to prick your sausages.

"Try not to burst the casings," Daniel said. "Otherwise you'll lose all the delicious juices that will just end up evaporating into thin air and your sausages will dry out dramatically.

"Then once cooked make sure you rest the meat for two to three minutes to let those flavours and juices settle. You'll notice the difference."

And what to serve with sausages this good?

"If you want to go old-school just caramelised onions never gets old and everyone loves it, or some rich onion jam or coarse grain mustard," Daniel said. "I would even say these sausages and are so good you don't need tomato sauce."

The Beak & Sons Limited Edition Fat Yak Godfather Snags and Beak & Sons Limited Edition Fat Yak Beef Sliders are available from January 11 in selected Coles stores nationally. Find out more about Beak & Sons range here.

This is branded content for Beak & Sons.