Thanks for helping to keep Scone's small businesses running

KEEP THE HELP COMING: Businesses need you now more than ever. Image: Shutterstock
KEEP THE HELP COMING: Businesses need you now more than ever. Image: Shutterstock

The Chamber ran a first of its kind series of online Local Business Support Forms last week and I must say - what a positive experience they were.

It was wonderful to have the business community come together and discuss what is going on for them, some positive and negative experiences they are facing and some ideas about support and community engagement.

The number one topic of discussion was most definitely 'Community'.

It is more apparent than ever that while it sounds like a usual catch-cry, in-fact, we are all in this together and it's our community that is going to get us through this difficult time.

There were stories about how supportive the community has been through lockdown, and if it were not for that support "we would not still be here" - more than one business said.

So, it must be said, thank you to those who are doing all they can to help keep our small businesses running now and into the future.

And please, don't stop. These businesses need you now more than ever.

I am so honoured to be part of a community who truly support each other in times of need.

From these support forums it has also become apparent that our businesses want and need to continue to connect.

The Chamber is now in discussions about how to continue the discussion through frequent forums, online events, and other avenues to keep the discussions going as well as the connections between each other alive.

We invite everyone to join our growing and connected business community.

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Sarah English, is Business Development Officer for the  Scone Chamber of Commerce