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Why customers are turning to comparison websites to source energy deals

Why customers are turning to comparison websites to source energy deals

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EFFICIENCY, cost savings, easily digestible information, and the ability to make more informed decisions - these are some of the top reasons why consumers are opting to visit comparison websites when deciding on their energy providers.

"(Utilities) is such a complex industry," Compare & Connect chief executive officer Neil Saligrama said.

"Customers need someone to simplify the complicated matter and present it in an understandable manner so it can be comprehended.

"Our business is built on simplifying things. You can ring us, and we can get everything done and save your time, and you'll get you what you're looking for."

According to leading consumer advocacy group CHOICE, financial constraints during COVID-19 resulted in many individuals turning to comparison sites in order to refine their household budgets.

Why customers are turning to comparison websites to source energy deals

Mr Saligrama said the rise of the comparison industry has been driven by innovation, technology and the pervasive nature of the internet, as well as consumers seeking out better options and prices on insurance, finance, utilities and more.

While Mr Saligrama affirmed that comparison sites were not able to showcase every deal on the market, he said they did provide customers with a better idea of what was available.

"No commercial website can display all plans. It is literally impossible," he said.

"We have a wide variety of all major Tier 1 and Tier 2 companies so that should give enough market coverage and a reasonable amount of choice for our customers to make decisions for themselves."

Compare & Connect was launched in 2014 after Mr Saligrama saw the need to provide end-to-end solutions to those seeking better energy deals, insurance services, removalists and internet providers.

Why customers are turning to comparison websites to source energy deals

Since its inception, the company has helped more than 500,000 Australians connect to a better deal.

"There were connection companies that were offering their own service but with limited choices," Mr Saligrama said.

"Comparison sites were also playing around in different spaces, but there was no one offering comparison and connection with digital outlook.

"I saw a market and thought it would be a good idea for both to be handled under the one roof."

Top benefits of using comparison websites such as Compare & Connect:

  • Customers are able to locate prices and providers they may have previously been unaware of. Even if they don't sign up for a new deal, they become better-informed about the deals available on the market.
  • Time and effort to research deals is significantly reduced.
  • Sites which provide end-to-end solutions, such as Compare & Connect, provide comparison services right through to connection so customers don't need to lift a finger.
  • Information is presented in a simplified manner so as to not overwhelm the customer.

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