DIY make-up storage solutions for the home

I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW: Transform your beauty collection from chaos to calm with the help of clear containers. Photo: Shutterstock
I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW: Transform your beauty collection from chaos to calm with the help of clear containers. Photo: Shutterstock

Take it from the make-up professionals, there are a lot of products out there. So much so, it can be challenging to locate the exact one you're looking for among a mountain of beauty products and tools.

Whether you have your own section carved out specifically for all your make-up or not, there are several ways you can improve your organisation at home to ensure you have everything you want when you need it.

Here are six clever make-up storage ideas from graduates at the Demi International Beauty Academy.

1. Declutter and re-organise

Bringing order to a disordered make-up collection starts with decluttering. Figuring out how to organise make-up starts with pulling everything out and re-organising it. Toss out old and damaged products, remove empties and collect similar products together by prioritising new and in-rotation products and relegating unused products to the back. Trust us, this will make the following steps easier to achieve.

2. Clear thinking

Use clear acrylic storage units to make sure everything is visible and organised. Instead of trawling through random drawers hunting down one specific make-up product, keep everything in sight with a transparent make-up organiser.

3. Office organisation for make-up

Desk organisers and office accessories can be easily adapted to any make-up collection. Try using a pen holder for your brushes and file away make-up such as blotting paper in a filing drawer. Alternatively, keep everything bundled together in a single desk caddy if space is a premium. Even monitor risers are an effective solution for storing make-up, especially those with their own drawers.

4. Spice up your make-up rack

Much like the home office, there are plenty of make-up storage ideas you can steal from the kitchen. One of our favourite decluttering solutions for your cosmetics is to display them in a set of tiered shelves or spice racks. These shelves come in heaps of different styles and configurations, allowing you to get creative with your make-up organisation.

Are you restricted to drawers? You can still take inspiration from the kitchen when organising your make-up using kitchen utensil and cutlery organisers, which can do far more than just separate forks and spoons. Use them to keep your curling iron away from your straightener, and organise your make-up brushes and eyeliners with ease.

5. Valet trays

Valet trays or catch-alls are a straightforward way to organise make-up, while more extensive collections can also benefit from a valet tray displaying your most essential products and tools. Whether it's your favourite brush or lipgloss, an old serving tray can become centrestage for your beauty utensils.

6. Back to school make-up supplies

Remember pencil cases? We bet you didn't think of using one of these for your make-up gear. Instead of paying a premium for purpose-made make-up pencil cases, visit an office supply store near you for more affordable and highly versatile organisation options.