Voice of Real Australia: My dad got vaccinated and I'm not worried, I don't think

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My dad got his AstraZeneca vaccine this week.

He's 60 years-old, recently retired and mostly healthy (his BMI is probably too high if we're being honest).

He is also a former healthcare worker, so he is very pragmatic about the vaccination program.

Despite him telling me he has higher chances of winning the lottery than dying by blood clot, the doubt was niggling at me. What if this is the lottery my family win? (universe, if you're listening, we would prefer Powerball).

I guess, this is vaccine hesitancy in its truest form.

Of course, he didn't listen to his daughter and went and got his vaccine anyway. He's spent a couple of days feeling not quite 100 per cent afterwards but so far, so good.

Dad reckons the highest chance of blood clot is between days four and 22. Today is day six. When I rang him this morning to ask him how he's feeling I could practically hear him roll his eyes.

Victoria has shown us that the best cure for vaccine hesitancy is a COVID-19 outbreak. Hopefully the rest of the nation gets the same message.

Hunter health expert and virologist Nathan Bartlett told The Newcastle Herald until the majority of the population is vaccinated we're all 'sitting ducks' who are vulnerable to outbreaks. Subscribers of the Newcastle Herald can read the article here.

Associate Professor Bartlett said for the over 50s the chances of blood clots are extremely low, much lower than the risk of severe COVID-19.

The conflicting messages from the state and federal governments probably aren't helping those who are undecided about the vaccine either. Despite being urged to vaccinate, we're being told it's not a race.

But if we do race is the prize more international travel? (No offence New Zealand). Could we open Australia up to other vaccinated countries?

I'm not telling you how to do your job Mr Morrison, but the UK have posted no deaths and seven European Union countries have introduced a vaccination certificate system for travelling. I'm just saying. The quicker we all get vaccinated, the quicker the world can get moving again.

Getting vaccinated seems to be one of dad's sensible decisions and thank goodness I have no influence!

But my dad seems to have a positive influence over other people. My previously vaccine-reluctant mum is booked in next week.

And when it comes to my turn I'll book in too.

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