Voice of Real Australia: Budget 2021 leaves winners, losers and the disinterested

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The reactions to last night's Federal Budget are rolling in across rural and regional Australia.

As in every year, there are winners and losers.

In the happy camp are businesses.

In the NSW Hunter Valley, Business Hunter chief executive Bob Hawes said the budget would bring a range of economic and social benefits to the region, while committee for the Hunter chief executive Alice Thompson welcomed the initiatives relating to unemployment, training and mental health.

But Shortland MP Pat Conroy described the budget as a "hodge-podge of announcements" that lacked a coherent plan to rebuild Australia.

If you are a subscriber to the Newcastle Herald, you can read their reactions here.

There were happy faces further south in the NSW's Illawarra as the region welcomed an infrastructure spend that included $740 million for transformative road projects in the area.

In the NSW Riverina and Wagga Wagga was also happy with money for the region's roads. If you are a Daily Advertiser subscriber, you can read more here.

In Tasmania, independent economist Saul Eslake said the state would likely enjoy a disproportionate benefit from increased spending on aged care, due to its ageing population.

But not everybody was happy with the Budget, with National Union of Students president Zoe Ranganathan saying it fell short for women.

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