How to Stay Married returns with Casey Donovan as busy single mum Luna Keys - hubby Greg's new nemesis

Casey Donovan is Luna Keys, the school mum everyone loves to hate

While most people were trying to get out of Melbourne last year, multi-talented Casey Donovan actually moved to the besieged city mid pandemic.

"It was hard, but coming out the other side you cherished the moment you could go for a walk. It was intense but there was a sense of community," she says.

Her latest venture on the small screen is as "lunatic" Luna Keys on How To Stay Married.

The 33-year-old says she loves everything about her character.

"People can relate her to people they know, and they aren't seeing Casey, which is great.

"She's the character you love to hate, but she just wants her son to be happy. She has a lot of back story, and is a busy, working, single mother.

"I get to peel back those layers and they [writers and directors] give me the space to do that. I love the power struggle between the two [Greg Butler and Luna]."

Donovan admits to being a bit starstruck on set at first.

"Lisa [McCune] is like acting royalty, I loved her Blue Heeler days. She has been so welcoming, and has no ego. She's a beautiful soul. And working with Peter Helliar was amazing. Everyone has their way of getting into character and there is a level of respect from cast and crew."

Donovan says she worked with a few mannerisms for Luna and thought about all the mothers you see with their children.

"Luna is a bit snarky, but it comes from a place of goodness, she is a little misunderstand. She wants the kids to have the best school time they can - and she wants to boss everyone. Playing her, I can see where it's coming from. She is a mother, and she's doing the best she can.

"When I was auditioning I loved that it wasn't slapstick. The story line is relatable to a lot of people."