Snow chasers flock to Barrington Tops for first fall for 2020

LOTS of Australians dream of seeing snow, and for Old Bar resident, Blake Ihm, it became a reality this week when he ventured up to Barrington Tops.

Although it's not the first snow of the season, when the weather report indicated conditions were right for a dusting on Monday (June 22) and Tuesday (June 23), Blake and his family made the decision to head up the mountain.

"We went up on the Tuesday around 11am," Blake said.

He, his wife Kirbi, and their three-year-old daughter, Evie made the journey to Polblue hoping to see snow, and they were not alone.

According to Blake, there were many other families at the campground, playing in the snow and taking photos.

"I'm 28 and I've never seen the snow, so I was excited; same as the wife," he said.

Blake believes they picked the best day, so far, to head up to see snow after talking to other snow chasers they meet at the campground.

"Our daughter, Evie had really cold, red cheeks but she love it. Great day all round."

They made a snowman and threw a few snowballs, all the things one hopes for when hanging out in the snow.

According to National Parks and Wildlife Service, there was 20 to 40mm of snow on Tuesday. There's about an inch of snow left at the time of publication and it's drizzling rain.

When travelling to the snow, motorists should exercise extreme caution as the road is narrow, very steep, unsealed in parts and is very slippery in parts.

During snow events, the status of roads on Barrington Tops can change at short notice or during your visit.

NSW Police may close the road at any time to ensure visitor safety. This may prevent access to snow covered areas and result in visitors having to turn back after long periods of travel. Check road closures and conditions before you leave Gloucester or Scone.


  • Four-wheel-drives are best suited for driving in snow and ice conditions
  • Check weather and road conditions before you leave home and again before you leave Gloucester or Scone
  • Leave plenty of time for the return trip in daylight hours: travel time is up to 1.5 hours from Gloucester or Scone
  • Pack additional warm clothing and extra food and water
  • Tell someone where you're going and when you'll be back.