Hunter Valley Police District expresses disappointment over recent number of alcohol-related incidents at Muswellbrook, Scone and Singleton

Unfortunately, our messages aren't being heard: HVPD

HUNTER Valley Police District officers have expressed their disappointment in the number of alcohol-related incidents recently.

Those in Muswellbrook were notified of an assault at a hotel in Railway Parade in the early hours of Saturday morning, January 11.

It is believed the victim, a 28-year-old Muswellbrook man, and a friend were waiting outside the premises to be picked up.

It was there a 25-year-old male, who had been drinking at the hotel, became upset and started to punch the victim to the head.

The man was then taken to Muswellbrook District Hospital for treatment.

About 3am on Saturday, January 11, Scone police were called to a house in Bhima Drive.

A very intoxicated male, a 20-year-old Scone man, had gone into the home where a family slept.

The male home owner confronted the intruder and pushed him outside.

He was held until officers arrived.

From inquiries made, the male had been at a party in the street and gone for a ride on a motorbike when it stopped.

Unfortunately, he returned to the wrong house.

The male was submitted to a roadside breath test, which he failed.

He was arrested, taken to Scone Police Station and subjected to another analysis.

That returned a high reading for prescribed concentration of alcohol.

"The offender was lucky not to have been involved in a collision while riding the bike, especially with the high range prescribed concentration of alcohol," a spokesperson said.

About 11pm on Saturday, January 11, officers were driving past a hotel in George Street, Singleton, when they witnessed about a dozen people involved in an affray outside the premises.

They stopped and saw several males with various injuries and rendered first aid to a man who had a large laceration to his head.

More police were called to the location as the group, many who were moderately affected by alcohol, continued to try and fight each other.

Officers are continuing with their inquiries.

Muswellbrook police stopped a Nissan Navara in Sydney Street about 1.30am on Sunday, January 12, for a random breath test.

The driver, a 38-year-old man, was breath-tested, which he failed.

The accused was arrested, taken to Muswellbrook Police Station and submitted to another analysis.

It returned a reading in the high range prescribed concentration of alcohol.

"His driver's licence was suspended on the spot," the spokesperson said.

"We were pleased to get him off our roads before a possible motor vehicle collision.

"But, unfortunately, our constant messages about drink-driving aren't being heard."