Greta acknowledges 80th and 70th anniversary of Greta Army and Migrant Camps

HUNTER MP Joel Fitzgibbon has praised everyone who worked so hard to ensure the Greta Army and Migrant Camp anniversaries were celebrated in an appropriate way at the weekend.

Speaking at the official opening on Saturday, November 9, Mr Fitzgibbon said the event was suitable recognition of the significance of two very important Commonwealth Government decisions 70 and 80 years ago.

"The decisions to establish the Army Camp and then the Migrant Camp were momentous and they shaped Australia," he told the large crowd, estimated to be about 8000.

"First, the role Greta's training camp played in the Second World War and victory in the Pacific and, second, Greta's role in building the cultural diversity that has made Australia so rich and strong.

"The fact that the Governor General, so many local elected representatives, and so many people from around Australia have joined us demonstrates both the significance of the anniversaries and how widely their importance is understood."

Mr Fitzgibbon said when he and Paterson MP Meryl Swanson moved their motion in the Parliament last year, calling upon the federal government to ensure the anniversaries were appropriately celebrated, they could not have hoped for more.

"It's fair to say Meryl and I are not disappointed but most the credit goes to the Central Hunter Business Chamber, Cessnock Council, other sponsors, and the many people and service organisations who have worked so hard to make it such a great success," he explained.