One of Australia's leading farriers Steve Costin to speak at 2019 EPLC Vet and Farrier conference in Muswellbrook

ONE of Australia's leading farriers is heading to the Upper Hunter this weekend.

Steve Costin, who redefined horse shoeing, will speak with veterinarian podiatry specialist, and the inventor on the very popular Hoof Gold, Dr Andrew Watts at the 2019 EPLC Vet and Farrier conference.

The forum is scheduled to take place at the Equine Podiatry and Lameness Centre, Aberdeen Street, Muswellbrook, on Saturday, July 6, from 11.30am.

It's also an opportunity for local residents to meet the man, who spent 20 years developing the Costin Poly horseshoe, and ask him questions about the product.

Currently, the New York and Dallas mounted police are evaluating the shoe for use with their front-line horses.

The Costin Poly horseshoe absorbs much of the vibration and moulds to the animal's foot for better performance and comfort.

And, now, polo players, thoroughbreds and dressage horses are all "getting on their Costins".

Not bad for a bloke out the back of Beaudesert, Queensland.

"It's just about the perfect horseshoe," veterinarian specialist John Crowley said.

"Steve has done a great job.

"This is a ground-breaking milestone in the history of horseshoes."

Fifteen years of product development and persistence was borne originally from Mr Costin's unwavering commitment to aid a mare suffering from laminitis, which has now seen the roll out of the Poly horseshoe worldwide and attracting much interest from the European countries.

Mr Costin and Dr Watts will share the stage, discussing the negative palmar angles, heel pain and lameness in performance and racehorses.