Team Rubicon arrives to help the men and women on the land in Muswellbrook and Scone

VOLUNTEER VETS: Team Rubicon's Mike Carmody and Muswellbrook RSL Club CEO Daryl Egan.
VOLUNTEER VETS: Team Rubicon's Mike Carmody and Muswellbrook RSL Club CEO Daryl Egan.

TEAM Rubicon has arrived in the Muswellbrook and Scone regions to help farmers affected by the drought, in an operation that is as rewarding for the volunteers as it is the recipients.

The organisation consists of veterans from military and emergency services, who are looking for a way to reintegrate as well as provide aid to others.

Having just returned from Townsville, where they were a key player in assisting people recover from the disastrous floods in February, they are now in the area to lend a hand to those still struggling to recoup from years of dry and unfavourable conditions.

Adviser to the board of directors Mike Carmody said they were set for a busy time providing help to local battlers.

"We're up here for about two or three weeks, it will depend on the tasking level," he explained.

"The reconnaissance team has already picked up a whole bagful of tasks for the region."

They currently have 27 tasks, which will be completed by different groups of veterans, with the first wave comprising of 50 people set to arrive in the coming days.

He said they will stay until the job is done and made it clear their plans are flexible, as well as admitting the physical duties are sometime less important than the social ones.

"Not only will we be doing the hard work on these particular properties in terms of distribution of fodder and foodstuffs, fencing and a number of miscellaneous tasks, but just as importantly it's about relating to the community," Mr Carmody added.

"It's about giving back into the community the skills and experience that we've been privileged to have over the years working with the military."

He revealed that just having a cup of tea at the end of the day was often the best therapy for those struggling in the wake of a natural disaster.

People across the region will be extremely pleased to see them arrive and no doubt share their appreciation for the volunteers' work past and present.