One of Germany’s finest ensembles Chamber Philharmonia Cologne performing at Singleton's Sisters of Mercy Convent

DON’T miss a rare opportunity to experience one of Germany’s finest ensembles at Singleton this weekend.

The Chamber Philharmonia Cologne will perform at the Sisters of Mercy Convent on Saturday, February 9, from 8pm.

The diverse program ranges from Antonio Vivaldi and his tremendously famous La Tempesta di Mare to J.S. Bach, Peter Tchaikovsky and Camille Saint-Saens.

After several successful European tours in 2017 and 2018, the Chamber Philharmonia Cologne (Germany) is returning to Australia in summer 2019 with a powerful and lovely new show.

It is irrelevant for the musicians whether they are playing in a little village church, in the open air, in Cologne Cathedral or in the Sydney Opera House – their enthusiasm to play music is the same every time.

The objective is simple –they want to inspire as many people as possible across all generations to enjoy classical music. 

The popularity of the ensemble is reflected in the fact that the Chamber Philharmonia Cologne gives about 300 concerts a year around the globe and listeners throughout the world look forward to a musical encounter with the exceptionally-talented musicians.

The Chamber Philharmonia Cologne was founded in the city whose name they bear: Cologne. 

The city is famous for its University of Music and its musical and instrumental teaching. 

Generations of musicians have been trained there for many decades who, in terms of their musicality, are unparalleled around the world. 

Since November 2009, the Chamber Philharmonia Cologne has had a very special partner at their side – the Mercedes-Benz Centre in Cologne. 

As part of a creative cooperation, this world-renowned company, via its branch in Cologne, thrilled by our musical concept, provides the ensemble with a comfortable tour bus. 

It enables the musicians to travel quickly and comfortably to the many varied concert locations.

In return, the Chamber Philharmonia Cologne, in close cooperation with the Mercedes-Benz Centre Cologne, organises special concerts for the car company’s special customers. 

The remarkable construction of the Mercedes-Benz Centre is transformed in the process into a really top-class concert palace.

This results in the smell of new cars mixing with the sounds of classical music. 

The Chamber Philharmonia Cologne is at home all over the world. 

The tours regularly take them to New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Great Britain, Ireland and many other countries – and, of course, to Germany. 

In this context, the selection of works and soloists takes on a special significance. 

The multifaceted composition of the ensemble provides every member of the Chamber Philharmonia Cologne with the opportunity to perform as a soloist.

And, the permanently expanding repertoire of the Chamber Philharmonia Cologne consists primarily of hand-picked pieces. 

After all, music is for entertainment and not for instruction.

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