Farmer's Hotel at Vacy prepares for World Record of Santas on a double-decker bus

IF you’ve been staying awake at night pondering the age-old question – “How many Santas you can fit on a double-decker bus?”, then you need to get yourself to The Farmer's Hotel at Vacy this weekend.

On Saturday, December 22, the team at The Farmer's – located between Gresford and Paterson – will host an official practice run this year, before attempting to set a Guinness World Record for Most Santas on a Double-Decker Bus in 2019.

“We are going to regard it as a ‘practice session’,” hotelier Dr Maurice Harden said.

“And, if there is enough interest, we will plan for a formal attempt next Christmas.

“But, we can always try for an unofficial record if enough people turn up on the day.”

The idea came about as the hotel team began planning The March of the Scottish Santas, a Christmas-themed pipe band event, which will take place at 4pm on the same afternoon.

“We are a nucleus of former Royal Australian Corps of Transport ACT Pipers and Drums bandsman who used to play at Christmas time for retirement villages dressed as Santa,” Dr Harden said.

“We used to dress as Santa from the waist up and as a Scotsmen from the waist down and play for people at Christmas time, hence the ‘Scottish Santa’ thing. 

“Given that our little pub has a lovely old double-decker bus we thought ‘why not celebrate Christmas in a fun way and have a go at the record as well’?”

At present, the record number of people on a double-decker bus was set in the UK at 133, however, those participants were not dressed in Santa outfits.

“We are not aware of a similar attempt and have absolutely no idea who will turn up on the day, but we want to have as many people as possible,” Dr Harden said.

The afternoon festivities will begin at 4pm with The March of the Scottish Santas band, and the Santas on a Bus will get underway at 5pm. 

Children's Santa Hour starts at 6pm and includes free lolly bags for the kids.