Expert and guest presenter Stuart Boyd-Law will discuss wild dog activity at Mount Olive information day

HUNTER Local Land Services (LLS) is calling on landholders interested in wild dog control to attend a free information day at the Mount Olive Community Hall, near Singleton, next month.

The session – on Saturday, November 3 – will be hosted in conjunction with North East Singleton Wild Dog Association. 

Wild dog expert and guest presenter Stuart Boyd-Law will discuss everything from identifying signs of wild dog activity and evaluating impacts on your property and livestock, to best practice control techniques and how to become part of effective control programs. 

Attendees will also learn how to report and map wild dog activity using Wild Dog Scan, an important tool in identifying where wild dogs are most active in our region. 

Biosecurity Officer Matt Kennedy said it’s a great overview for people new to the land, as well as providing an update for local producers already involved in controlling wild dogs.

“Wild dogs have huge impacts on livestock, especially young calves, lambs and sheep in our region,” he said.

“Hunter Local Land Services collaborates with landholders to assist them in controlling pest species, and this information day will help landholders understand their biosecurity responsibilities, and how to get involved in wild dog control programs. 

“Wild dog control is most effective when neighbours work together on cross-tenure control programs such as seasonal ground baiting programs.”

Hunter Local Land Services also coordinates annual aerial baiting programs, and relies heavily on information from landholders to identify wild dog hotspots in our region. 

An added bonus of wild dog control is it also controls foxes at the same time. 

“Foxes significantly impact native animal populations and are a nuisance to rural and peri-urban landholders, mainly through attacking poultry,” Me Kennedy said.

“This information day will cover the basics for any landholders concerned about wild dogs, but also one of the most beneficial aspects of the day will be building our local networks to strengthen and plan our further control activities in the Singleton district.” 

To RSVP to the information day, email or phone the Singleton office of Hunter Local Land Services on 6572 2944.