NSW Governor David Hurley visits Branxton to pay respects to World War I veterans

Governor David Hurley with Laura Playford and Linda Hurley

Governor David Hurley with Laura Playford and Linda Hurley

LOCAL girl Laura Playford had an incredible opportunity to meet NSW Governor David Hurley at a Remembrance Day service at Branxton on Monday.

The event honoured the hundreds of people who lost their lives in World War I and included representatives from all walks of life, including the Greta Public School captain and one of state’s highest ranking officials.

Laura was thrilled to meet someone of such importance, and said he was a pleasant person to speak to.

“I was honoured and extremely excited to have morning tea [with Mr Hurley] at the community hall,” she said.

“Mr Hurley was very nice to speak to; he asked where our school is and our names.”

She also said the exchanging of gifts was a memorable moment, which she was pleased to be involved in.

“We also got to hand over flowers to his Excellency and his wife (Linda Hurley) at the Greta cenotaph,” she explained.

“We were handed a special coin each from the Governor himself, too.”

It’s a moment Laura isn’t likely to forget quickly, and hopes to meet other community, state or national leaders in the future.