Head to Stroud on July 14 but make sure you're wearing an Akubra

Stroud's big day is on Saturday, July 14
Stroud's big day is on Saturday, July 14

NOTHING is more Australian than a country town – and the fashion statement that is an Akubra hat.

Now, Stroud has its eyes set on beating the Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of people wearing Akubra style hats on Saturday, July 14.

1912 is the year the iconic Akubra brand name was formed and is also the number of people Stroud will be aiming to beat, to knock out Kempsey’s record from 2012. 

Not a bare head will be in sight, at this year’s exciting addition to the annual Brick and Polling Pin Throwing Competition at the Stroud Showground.

Akubra wearing men, women and children will also vie for the title of 2018’s supreme chucker, with bricks, rolling pins and rubber chickens to be flung across the historic town of Stroud.

Traditionally, the male event includes throwing a brick which weighs five pounds, providing a chance to demonstrate their impressive skills and masculinity.

Women on the other hand get to fling a specialised rolling pin weighing in at two pounds, with the fun-filled addition of children hoisting a rubber chicken provides much laughter and entertainment for everyone.

Hunter strongman and current Australian champion brick thrower Kurt Livens will return to the 2018 event to defend his title. 

If you are up for the challenge to beat his 2017 record of 97’ 7” - entries for all categories are open from 11.30am on the day.

In 1960 the towns of Stroud in the UK and the USA, both brick-making towns, held the first brick throwing contest. 

Australia and Canada joined in 1961, with Australia suggesting a women’s rolling pin contest 12 months later.

To find out more, visit www.stroudbrickthrowing.com.au