Jessica Mauboy represents Australia at Eurovision 2018 grand final in Portugal

SPOILER ALERT: Eurovision 2018 reaches its peak in the early hours of Sunday.

But we’re not about ruining your day – particularly when you get a chance to watch the grand final on Sunday evening.

But it’s reasonable to assume the grand final is broadcast live to suit, well, errr … European timezones.

So if you’re primed for the 7.30pm replay on SBS on Sunday, fear not – we won’t give it away.

Then again, if you can’t wait and want to watch from 5am, scroll down. Right down

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And, anyway, exactly why are we Aussies involved anyway? Well, it was explained on the BBC this way:

“The simple fact is, Australia’s host TV broadcaster SBS is part of the European Broadcasting Union, otherwise known as the EBU. And this is a qualification requirement for entering the Eurovision Song Contest.”