Aberdeen welcomes five life members - Daniel Hoogerwerf, Shane Hasselmann, Sean Millwood, Grant Savell and Brad Fenton - to the club’s ranks

THE Aberdeen Tigers capped off its successful Group 21 season by welcoming a record five life members to the club’s ranks at the Aberdeen Sport and Recreation Club on Saturday night.

After capturing the first and reserve grade premierships in 2017, the organisation had plenty to celebrate.

And, fittingly, victorious coaches Daniel Hoogerwerf, Shane Hasselmann and Sean Millwood joined Grant Savell and Brad Fenton among the new inductees. 

But, the big winners at the annual presentation were Chris Vidler, Harry Douglass, Rachel Cullen and Tim Cameron.

Tough-as-teak forward Vidler was named Aberdeen Player of the Year, as well as first grade players’ player. 

“I’d like to thank everyone, especially Les [Horvath], Tina [Faulkner] and Carly [Patterson],” he said.

“Without their support, and assistance, I would not have played for the Tigers this season.

“It’s a great club to be a part of – and I’ve loved every minute.”

Douglass, the gifted fullback, took home Rookie of the Year and the Milton Family Most Likely to Succeed awards.

Newcomer Cullen impressed all to collect Tigress of the Year. 

Cameron was a popular recipient for Tiger with the Biggest Heart.

2017 award winners –

Player of the Year: Chris Vidler

Tigress of the Year: Rachel Cullen

Rookie of the Year: Harry Douglass

Clubman of the Year: Neil McCrae

Club Service Award: Rod Partridge, Brad Milton, Derek Wicks

Tiger with the Biggest Heart: Tim Cameron

Milton Family Most Likely to Succeed: Harry Douglass

Deen City Most Consistent Player: Daniel Hoogerwerf and Caitlin Albury

Representative Player of the Year: Matt Thompson

Leading tryscorer: Hamish Wolfgang

Brian Wombat Walmsley Award: Mick Hankin

Blanch Family Loyalty Award: Sean Millwood

Huggins Family Most Dedicated Tiger: Samuel Fitzsimmons and Liam Fitzsimmons

First grade –

Players’ player: Chris Vidler

Best and fairest: Daniel Hoogerwerf

Most improved: Jesse McLean

Coaches award: Liam Foran and Josh Schmiedel

Best forward (Jamie Irving Memorial Trophy): Guy Thompson

Best back: Hamish and Tyler Wolfgang

Reserve grade –

Adam “Tessie” Tanner players’ player: Kyle Robertson

Beattie Tickle best and fairest: Graham McCrae

Most improved: Morgan Ward

Coaches award: Corey Gilmore

Best forward: Samuel Fitzsimmons

Best back (Lachlan Crisp Memorial Award): Grant Savell

Women’s league tag –

Most committed player (Denise Ryan Memorial Award): Demi Randell

Players’ player: Caitlin Albury and Talissa Robinson

Best and fairest: Kylie Phippen

Most improved: Sarah Harris and Karina Dylko

Coaches award: Anna Pidoux

Best defence: Skye Lawrence

Best attack: Rachel Cullen

New Life Members: Daniel Hoogerwerf, Shane Hasselmann, Sean Millwood, Grant Savell, Brad Fenton