Skibo bulls hitting heavy

Gooch Agencies Gloucester will conduct their Annual All Breeds Bull Sale at Gloucester on September 1.

There will be 67 Bulls for sale comprising 35 Angus, 11 Hereford,  Poll Hereford, 3 Speckle Park, 10 Shorthorn and 3 Black Simmental.

Hooke Family’s Skibo Stud, at Gloucester, is selling 22 bulls and is the largest vendor in the sale.

Skibo is market conscious and aims to breed cattle that can finish an MSA steer at two years with carcase weights of 350kgs.

Bald Blair Harrier sons will make their first showing this year and are exceptional.

Massive growth for age but still positive for fat and with huge IMF scan results, they are an excellent choice for MSA minded breeders. 

L26, a Glenavon H043 son, also attracted a lot of attention at their  open day.

To arrange a pre-sale showing, contact James Hooke on 0458 428 366.