Cattle prices strong in Maitland, weaker in Singleton, Kempsey

MIXED: While the market trend was cheaper in Singleton and Kempsey, prices were higher in Maitland.
MIXED: While the market trend was cheaper in Singleton and Kempsey, prices were higher in Maitland.


There was an increased penning of 650 mostly good quality cattle available with good lines of very good butcher yearlings. 

There were again, mostly young cattle penned, a shortage of grown steers, heifers and cows. 

Local butchers operated along with good feeder orders. Apart from good competition for the well finished stock, the overall trend tended cheaper. Weaners back to the paddock showed cheaper trends of up to 15c to 20c/kg.  Best yearling steers averaged 8c cheaper, the heifer portion was down 6c/kg.  Grown cattle also showed a cheaper trend, however lack of numbers made a report difficult to quote.


Bowe & Lidbury report a smaller yarding of 202 cattle at their last sale. Quality and condition of cattle was down on the previous week's offering, but the market was dearer overall.  

Best vealers $3.10/kg-$3.39/kg; Medium vealers $2.80/kg-$3.10/kg; Euro cross Heifers $2.80 - $3.12/kg; Angus Steer Weaners $3.00 - $3.38/kg; Angus Heifer Weaners $2.80 - $3.05/kg; Light Vealers $3.20 - $3.70/kg; Cows $1.80/kg-$2.10/kg.


About 830 head were presented at Kempsey Stock & Land’s lastsale, which incorporated a Feature Weaner Sale. Some of the lines are starting to show the effects of the season, and with most of NSW cold and in need of some good falls of rain, re-stockers were much more cautious. This resulted in cheaper trends.

Three quarters of the yarding was made up of weaners and yearlings, with British bred re-stocker weaner steers under 200kg topping at 400c/kg.  Most sales for steers in this category ranged from 330c/kg to 390c/kg, while similar weight heifers ranged from 270c/kg to 330c/kg.

Calves from 200kg to 280kg topped at 390.2c/kg for a nice pen of Angus steers.  Heifers in this weight range generally made from 270c/kg to 320c/kg, while veal to processors up to 280kg topped at 298c/kg.  Heavier vealers from 280kg to 330kg topped at 346.2c/kg, while heavy heifers over 330kg sold to 324.2c/kg.