Mixed quality in Scone penning


Numbers dropped and the quality in the penning was mixed, with the bulk of the younger cattle suitable for the restockers.

There were good percentages of prime conditioned younger drafts suitable for the butcher orders. The heavy weight grown steers in prime condition mainly went to lot feeder orders, and around 45 cows were in the market.

One restocker order was absent in the competition and the market trend was variable.

The over 200kg vealer steers returning to the paddock eased 3c, making from 320c to 364c/kg. The same weight heifer portion also to the restockers lifted 15c, with breed and quality contributing in places, as prices ranged from 274c to 346c/kg.

Yearling steers sold at similar prices, with the medium weights to the restockers making from 290c to 318c/kg. Yearling heifers sold 8c cheaper, the lighter end made from 264c to 290c/kg. The prime conditioned younger cattle to the butchers lifted 8c, with the higher yielding pens selling in the 330c/kg range.

Heavy weight grown steers sold to the lot feeders averaged 264c, with the best older heifer topping at 240c/kg.