Name change for Upper Hunter Perinatal Depression and Anxiety Support Group

UPPER Hunter Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Support Group (Gidget Group) has had a makeover.

Skye Bennett and the new facilitator of the Muswellbrook group, Shannon Rhook.

Skye Bennett and the new facilitator of the Muswellbrook group, Shannon Rhook.

The Gidget Group boasts a name change and is now is called Upper Hunter Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Support Group – however, it is still a rural arm of the Gidget Foundation in Sydney.

The group has been evolving over the past few years with more and more referrals from doctors and midwifes, the care bags that midwifes hand out to individuals diagnosed with are at risk of perinatal depression and anxiety have been a vital role in promoting the group. 

The care bags have pamper and baby items as well as the support group’s information.

Since the group began in 2015 with meetings bi-monthly in Scone, it now meets in Scone and Muswellbrook on the second Friday of the month.

Scone is facilitated by Katrina Cement.

This will be an “informal group” with meetings at cafes, parks or other agreed upon places.

Shannon Rhook facilitates the Muswellbrook group.

It will be structured with a more formal approach meeting at the QEII Community Centre.

The groups have deliberately been set up this way so we can offer two different types of support that will suit the community’s needs and expectations. 

Skye Bennett, Muswellbrook Neighbourhood Services – MNS coordinator, is still involved with the group in a more supportive way.

“I am able to assist the group in other ways,” she said.

“I hope to implement a model that is going to be trialled in Orange: ‘Gidget goes Rural - Start Talking” campaign, which aims at reducing inequality and access for rural communities.

“The new Gidget Foundation telehealth program will reduce the inequity of access to postnatal depression services in often-isolated rural and regional areas.”

For more information, visit: or find the new Upper Hunter Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Support Group on Facebook, which is an open/community group. 

Please be assured that if you are a member of the group there is a private FB members group for discussions.

If you need crisis support, phone LIFELINE: 13 11 14 or, if life is in immediate danger, dial 000.

If you would like any further information, contact Skye Bennett on 6542 3555, visit the webpage or find them on Facebook.