ADVERTISING FEATURE: Versatile bulls beckoning

MacCallum Livestock proudly present 51 high quality Limousin and Lim-Flex bulls at their annual Bull Sale at Scone Saleyards on Friday 28th July, 2017.

With the cattle market at record levels and cattle selling at high dollar values, the Manali Bull Sale represents a great opportunity to purchase a bull to add kilos to calves and maintain all the important production traits.

The Manali Bull Sale represents a great opportunity to purchase.

The MacCallum Family have relocated their cow herd to King Island, off the North Coast of Tasmania in the past twelve months after the purchase of the property ‘Winton’, three years ago.

This has been challenging but incredibly exciting with all the cows arriving safely and have settled in well and they are excited by the first batch of calves born on the island. Their plans are to bring the bull calves back each year and expand their cow numbers on the Island.

This year’s bull draft presents as the most evenly presented with a mixture of North American embryos on offer once again from the heart of the Coleman Limousin Ranch herd.

As well as bulls by some exciting homebred sires that have had a significant impact on our herd.

They have focused on breeding animals that are well muscled, soft and capable of being fattened quickly and efficiently. The bulls are versatile, with a heavy muscled terminal sires, as well as soft Lim-Flex bulls on offer that will increase yield but leave open market flexibility to target different specifications.

They invite you to attend are confident that there will be a bull to meet your requirements.