Cattle sales: Scone, Maitland, Kempsey


Quality was fair to good, as numbers eased, with the bulk entering the younger categories. The older heifers lifted in number, with the majority suitable for restocker orders in a firm to slightly dearer market.

The 200kg plus vealer steers returning to the paddock sold close to firm at 340c to 414c/kg. The equivalent weighted heifer portion to the same orders lifted 6c, making from 316c to 370c/kg. Yearling steers sold firm to slightly dearer, with the 330kg plus pens to the restocker and lot feeder orders ranging from 308c to 355c/kg. The unfinished yearling heifers sold at similar prices, with only the quality contributing to any price changes. The prime conditioned younger cattle to the butchers topped at 354c/kg.

Heavy bullocks reached 280c, with the older heifers to slaughter topping at 274c, while those to the restockers ranged around the 234c to 300c/kg mark, depending on the age offered. Cows sold close to firm.


This week saw a total yarding of 600, with prices for export cattle firm, and prices for trade cattle firm to 8c cheaper in places. Overall,  a very good yarding, with most going back to the paddock or to feedlots. Best vealers: 330c/kg - 370c/kg; Light & Medium Vealers: 310c/kg - 360c/kg; Yearling Steers: 300c/kg - 360c/kg; Yearling Heifers: 290c/kg - 349c/kg; Restocker steer weaners/vealers: 320c/kg - 430c/kg; Restocker heifer weaners/vealers: 300c/kg - 360c/kg; Export Steers/Bullocks: 270c/kg - 280c/kg; Cows 190c/kg - 255c/kg; Bulls 200c/kg - 240c/kg.


Just of 1500 head were penned at Kempsey Stock and land’s second feature weaner sale for the year. Around 1300 weaners and vealers were yarded with quality and condition surprisingly good considering  the onset of cold conditions. 

Top prices were: Calves to 200kg 442.2c/kg; medium weight weaners/vealers 406.2c/kg, heavy weaner/vealers 378.2c/kg; veal to processors 320.2c/kg; heifers to 330kg 370.2c/kg; heifers over 3500kg 370.2c/kg; lightweight cows 326.2c/kg; medium cows 234.2c/kg, grown steers to 400kg 346.2c/kg.

HOLDING UP WELL: The colder weather has set in but quality has remained fairly strong.

HOLDING UP WELL: The colder weather has set in but quality has remained fairly strong.