Number down as quality goes up


Consignments eased with 720 head penned – a drop of 300 on the previous sale – but the breed and quality overall improved and the bulk entered the younger categories.

Yearling heifers along with the grown steers and heifers were limited in supply, and there were 45 cows penned. The usual buyers competed in a firm to dearer market.

The over 200kg vealer steers to the restockers sold close to firm, at 336c to 400c, while the improved quality heavier drafts also to the restockers gained 12c, making from 320c to 365c/kg. The heifer portion also to restocker orders lifted 11c and sold from 311c to 351c/kg.

The lighter end of the yearling steers gained 8c, with the balance maintaining firm prices, and the medium weights topped at 361c/kg. The prime conditioned younger cattle to the butchers sold to solid competition, with the best yielding pens reaching 378c/kg.

Heavy weight bullocks reached 275c, with the lighter end to the lot feeders and restockers reaching 324c/kg.

Cows also improved in yield and quality and prices were 2c to 4c/kg dearer. The plainer 2 scores averaged 206c, while the better finished heavy weights ranged from 222c to 230c/kg.