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About Beaumont Tiles
Create your dream home with the world’s best tiles and bathroomware from Beaumonts, with over 100 outlets showcasing the latest trends and exclusive designs in tiles and bathroomware. In 1960 RJ Beaumont, a greeting card and travel goods distributor, wanted some high-quality, well-designed tiles for a private project. Unable to find anything locally that met his high standards, RJ Beaumont threw all his energy into finding the world's best tile manufacturers and learning everything he could about these fascinating products. His mission to find the world's best quality tiles and latest styles grew into a lifelong passion that would become a thriving business and give Australians access to better tile and bathroom ranges than ever before. Today the Beaumont Tiles group of shops has over 100 outlets Australia wide and is still strongly committed to bringing the world's best and latest tiles and bathroomware to Australian consumers, builders and renovators. RJ's son and Beaumont Tiles'​ Managing Director, Bob Beaumont, attributes the company's success to its customer-centric philosophy focused on sourcing the best products directly from global manufacturers and building best-in-class transport and logistics systems to ensure the product is close to our customers. As a supplier to some of Australia's most popular renovation programmes, our products are featured on The Block, House Rules, Reno Rumble and The Home Team.

Poverty, hardship, homelessness, famine, long-term unemployment, disability, and injustice. There are too many people and communities in Australia and around the world that don't have the opportunities and future that most of us are able to take for granted.

Nobody has all the answers, and nobody can cure the world of all the troubles and oppression that so many people face each day. But every one of us can contribute in some way, no matter how small. At Beaumont Tiles, we believe that it is our social and moral obligation to support those that are less fortunate in any way that we can.

We are not a multi-national, mega-profit business, but we definitely take our commitment to our community seriously. We are keen to support communities and people that are not as lucky as we are. As a family owned business, we recognise that through support, caring, and a team spirit, we can all pull together to help others.

The company and the Board commit financial aid to many charitable organisations each year. This is done in a very private and personal way and we do not seek public recognition for that.

But, one organisation that we do support in an outwardly visible and public way is World Vision. As a company, we encourage all our staff and each branch to sponsor a child. Workplace giving is a simple and effective way for staff to regularly donate to charitable organisations, through automated payroll deductions. And the company matches that support dollar for dollar.

Please, if you are able to contribute to World Vision, or are able to sponsor a child, give it your genuine consideration. And remember, there are millions of people that are in need of help and assistance. Your support can save a life.

Beaumont Tiles and World Vision Australia have created a unique partnership to fight global poverty.

Beaumont Tiles has committed to raise funds for Tanzanian communities to support development work like improving education and health care facilities, and boosting agricultural production.

World Vision is working with Tanzanian communities to improve quality of life through sustainable and long-term projects which include:

  • Working with the community to improve economic opportunities.
    • Constructing toilets and water tanks in schools, improving the health of families and children.
    • Upgrading educational facilities in schools, including science laboratories.
    • Introducing new farming methods and modern equipment to improve agricultural production.
    • Conducting HIV and AIDS education and empowering the community to care for those infected and affected by HIV and AIDS.

"I am proud that Beaumont Tiles is taking up the fight against poverty and I am genuinely impressed with World Vision. I commend them to you as an excellent organisation that is truly helping those who are shockingly poor." - Bob Beaumont

For more information on how you can get involved, speak to a Beaumont Tiles staff member or call World Vision on 13 32 40.